Eco Festival - OFF Goes Green

In 2023, OFF will present a series of activities and details of our three-year strategy to fully become an Eco festival with minimal damage to the environment.

Changing lifestyles and creating a positive impact on the environment is our daily struggle because every day we are more and more concerned about climate change and the nature around us. We are aware of global problems and various factors that disrupt the natural ecosystem and the consequences for our health.

We all do our part, whether it's recycling, using environmentally friendly vehicles or reducing the use of harmful materials, but we must be aware that talking about environmental protection and education are something we need to pay more attention to, for the sake of new generations. .

Eco Friendly Festivals are, we can safely say, an ideology that has been rooted in the industry of music, film and other festivals since its humble beginnings, but it has not always been successfully implemented in practice. Today, however, various festivals are taking greater steps than ever to reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, not only by promoting environmentally friendly practices, but by implementing new strategies to combat climate change.

In this regard, from this year, the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival becomes an "Eco Friendly Festival" and we increase and make our environmental protection practices more specific than in previous years, when we started using e-vehicles for official transport, reduced the number of printed materials, etc. While our guests and festival goers are looking for a restless buzz with their favorite artists, film content and entertainment, we are becoming more and more environmentally conscious and therefore want no remorse.

From 2023, OFF will stop printing festival catalogs, thereby reducing the need for paper and the funds we spend on the literal destruction of forests; Instead of the current PVC plastic accreditations, OFF will start issuing cardboard accreditations made of recycled paper; we continue to use environmentally friendly devices and processes for the organization of our events, and we certainly remain committed to the use of electric vehicles during the Festival.

Before and during the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival, we will present a series of educations, ideas and strategies to help reduce pollution and help our nature! Let every day be planet day, because we don't have other countries.