Danilo Marunović

The most important films he directed, produced and wrote were Lud za tobom, Preludijum za sniper, Mirsada, Artist and investigator.


Danilo Marunović is a Montenegrin theater and film director and producer. He was born in 1986 in Podgorica. At the Department of Theater Direction at FDU Cetinje, he studied in the class of prof. Radmile Vojvodic. During his studies, he got the opportunity to work as an assistant director, collaborating with Eduard Miller, Diego De Brea, Radmila Vojvodić and Milan Karadzic. In 2008, he founded the organization Koala Production, which deals with artistic production with human rights themes, and in its ten-year existence, in cooperation with international institutions and embassies, it created some of the most recognizable engaged art projects in the country.

At the jubilee, thirtieth Budva Grad Theater, in co-production with Atelje 212, he directs a play by Dzon Logan-Crven with Branislav Lečić in the leading role of the famous modernist painter Mark Rothko. With the concept of the invisible theater, which he developed with his ad-hoc theater troupe in recent years, he presented himself several times to the domestic and international public. As a resident artist of DEAC (Dukley art community center), an international art project based in Budva's Dukley garden complex, he becomes their scholarship holder, working on a series of projects with leading Russian artists such as Pyotr Pavlensky and the subversive international punk-art sensation Pussy Riot.

At the invitation of the State Department, he attends the International Visitor Leadership Program, simultaneously becoming an alumni of the American government. He is also recognized as an artist who actively participated in the fight for the rights of vulnerable minorities, in the process of confronting the Montenegrin mentality with delusions, chauvinism, xenophobia and nationalism.

In the last couple of seasons in theaters, he has directed: on the main stage of the CNP, Lucy Prebble's play "The Effect", on the Stolaboratorija stage (I evening scene) of the National Theater Sarajevo BiH author's project "Hasanaginice", and in the City Theater in Podgorica the play "I think that we should talk" written based on Bergman's "Scenes from married life". Recently, he is the author of the popular Bura Baruta podcast. He is the winner of a large number of awards, both in the country and abroad.