Srijeda, 30.08.2023.

Students from the Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina in OFF internship program

Students from the Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina in OFF internship program

OFF is, in addition to a recognizable film and co-production platform, in the last two years also a platform for the education and training of new generations of festival workers, and as such has become a favorite location and project for the practice of students from all over Europe.

Telemach Youth Film Festival (OFF) Sarajevo and the University of Groningen proudly, for the second year in a row, realized a successful cooperation that provided students with an unforgettable practical experience at this film festival and an opportunity for professional development.
As part of this collaboration, three students from the University of Groningen, Mia Kirilova, Max Xiao and Tycho Onderstijin, stayed in Sarajevo this year at the 15th Telemach OFF, where they were assigned to the prgoram and OFF Pro industry program sectors. As in previous years, OFF covered all the costs of transportation, accommodation and stay in Sarajevo for the students. In addition to managing and coordinating program activities, the OFF talks program, students from the Netherlands actively participated in analysis and film criticism, and their works contained their experience of Sarajevo and the Festival. At the end of the Festival, the students did their final work, which was evaluated by the representatives of the Festival and the University, and with the final evaluation at the end of August, their practice was completed.

A particularly significant collaboration during the Festival was also realized with the Telemach Foundation, which together with OFF, enabled the employment of two students from their PR school at the Festival. This opportunity not only allowed the students to gain their first work experience, but also provided valuable input in the field of festivals, communications and PR.
This is not the first time that the University of Groningen and the Youth Film Festival have collaborated. For the second year in a row, students of this renowned university are involved in the Festival, which provides them with a unique opportunity to learn about festival management first-hand, encounter the creative process behind film and festival production, and develop practical skills through working with experienced professionals.
The director of the Youth Film Festival, Kenan Musić, said: "The cooperation with the University of Groningen and the Telemach Foundation is extremely important to us because we are convinced that providing practical experiences to students from all over the world is crucial for their future and ours. We are glad that OFF is the second year in a row, proudly, a place of learning, exchange of experiences and a place to which young people from all over Europe flock".
This collaboration testifies to the commitment of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival to the development of young talents and the improvement of film culture and industry, but also to the importance of such activities, considering that Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina are mentioned in Europe, through OFF, as desirable locations for students and their practices .

The project was implemented with the support of Visit Sarajevo and the Ministry of Culture and Sports of the KS, whose funds cover the costs of transportation and accommodation of students from the Netherlands.