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15. OFF presented this year's program: 59 films at 6 locations, 3 concerts, Mattia Carrano is also coming

15. OFF presented this year's program: 59 films at 6 locations, 3 concerts, Mattia Carrano is also coming

At today's press conference of the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, held at the Goethe Institute in Sarajevo, the complete program of the festival was presented, as well as all the details and guests who are waiting for us from July 18 to 22.

 At the very introduction, the director of the Festival, Kenan Music, stated that this is the most spectacular and largest edition of OFF so far, with the largest number of premieres and new programs, which will surely attract a large number of film lovers.

 "This is a year we should be proud of more than any other. The fifteenth edition of the festival and the small jubilee really have to be the best so far, and we really tried and worked hard all year to make Sarajevo shine as a city of film and film festivals. We have an impressive number of films, guests, accompanying programs and three musical spectacles," said Music, addressing the media.

 It was announced that this year's OFF will show 59 films at six festival locations, including free screenings of feature films from three selections as part of Ilidž Open Air on the summer stage and Vils Summer Screen in the cinema between the museums. In addition, a great program of feature films was announced as part of the Poli Open Air Gimnazijska open-air cinema, as well as screenings of competitive short films as part of the Youth Theatre. After the opening ceremony of the Festival, Kiril Džajkovski will perform on the square in front of the National Theater in Sarajevo, who will mark the beginning of this year's Festival with a spectacular performance.

Like last year, OFF will host several teen acting stars from Europe this year, and director Music confirmed some names at the press conference:

"In addition to Mihajlo Veruović of Voyage and Anita Ognjanović, to whom we will present awards for the best gulma duo as part of the opening of the Festival in Ilidža, this year the festival will also host two Italian Netflix stars who will be presented with special awards. We are talking about Mattia Carrano and another young actor whose name will be announced by OFF in the coming days. In addition, OFF will host over 200 foreign young authors, actresses and actors and special guests this year," added Music.

The President of the Tourist Board of KS Haris Fazlagić noted the importance of OFF's investment in the promotion of tourism in Sarajevo Canton and the reasons for Visit Sarajevo's support to OFF.

"15. The Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarjevo is among the top five events this summer in Sarajevo and we at the Tourist Board significantly support the festival this year. In addition, OFF has really grown into a Festival that is very important for tourism, and we will continue our support, which, I'm sure, will be of great importance for the further development of the Festival," said Fazlagić.

The press conference was also attended by the mayors of the Municipality of Ilidža and Novo Sarajevo, who support OFF with significant financial resources and because of whose support the cinemas on Ilidža and Vilsonovo are open free of charge. However, to enter the cinema, you need to download free tickets online or before the screening, depending on availability.

The Mayor of Novo Sarajevo Municipality, Hasan Tanović, pointed out that OFF showed last year that it is a serious partner in the efforts of the Municipality to promote and organize film, music and other cultural events.

"OFF is a Festival that showed five top films last year as part of the Vils Summer Screen. This is the most visited cinema festival with great titles and I'm sure it will be the same this year. For the end of the Festival, we prepared the Letu Stuka concert, which will close the 15th OFF", said Tanović.

This year's OFF is also preparing its festival square with a series of events on the plateau in front of the Youth Theater and many activities at all locations. On the last night of the Festival, after the awards ceremony as part of the Vils Summer Screen, there will be a concert by the iconic "Flight of the Pike" who will entertain the audience until midnight, when the official after party of the Festival will begin in the Youth Center.

The Mayor of the Municipality of Ilidža said that this year's partnership with OFF is a good start for the development of culture and film art in the area of ​​the Municipality of Ilidža, and that all visitors will enjoy the film titles that have been specially selected and prepared for Ilidža Open Air, intended for all generations. .

"I am glad that the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival is also coming to Ilidža this year. This is the first year, and we have to see how to improve this program in the future, but I am sure that this year will also be a great start to this beautiful story," added Muzur.

On-line tickets for buying and downloading free tickets are possible from today, July 6 at tickets.omladinski.ba, while the Box office will be open from July 17 every day from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the square in front of the Youth Theater.

OFF will introduce other special guests of the Festival in the next 15 days.