Subota, 26.11.2022.

OFF Pro: "Jan" brings a true story about love that is sabotaged by one's own insecurity and fear

OFF Pro: "Jan" brings a true story about love that is sabotaged by one's own insecurity and fear

In the production of CINEA Entertainment and OFF Pro, the shooting of a new short film by Kenan Musić, whose script he wrote based on real events that happened in Sarajevo three years ago, was completed in Sarajevo. At the root of the story are social networks, friendship and personal freedom.

The main roles in the film are played by Maksim Jovanović, who plays the character of Jan, Ammar Fazlagić, who plays Jan's best friend, and Arma Tanović and Mehmed Porča, who play the roles of Jan's parents.

Maksim, Ammar are part of the OFF Talents program, which presented the first generation of young talented actors this year, and it is from this program that Zan Mujkić and Nejla Podžić will appear in the film, who play significant roles.

Sarajevo actresses Maja Salkić - Burazerović, Margarita Mladinić, Hana Zrno and young Harun Kurić also appear in the film.

"This is a topic and a case in which a seemingly indestructible relationship is transformed, limits, boundaries and views are tested, which were thought to be anything but what they actually are in the end. Living in a society that cannot accept differences, whatever they were, I realized that fighting for others, empathy, and talking about what really is around us, can only help me to give me strength, that sometimes I have a problem, which would eventually make me "normal" in the eyes of "normal" people. crazy and sick", and to say my thoughts, fears or ideas loudly and proudly. This is a film that searches for a place where there is no need to label instincts and a film that provokes the recognition of love in all its forms. Let's face what happened in high school when I also went and what is happening today." - says Kenan Music, screenwriter and director of the film.

The director of photography is M.Sc. art. Mario Ilić, with whom Musić has already worked on two films. The executive producers of the film are Mirza Čustović and Andrej Bačić

Filming of the film is planned for the second week of October, while its pre-premiere screening, before going to film festivals, will be held in the middle of November.

The film is being shot as part of the OFF Pro project, which will produce 5 short films in 5 different cities over the next 2 years.

In the production of OFF Pro and CINEA Entertainment in Sarajevo, the filming of the short feature film JAN, by the Sarajevo producer and director Kenan Musić, has been completed. The first shutter of the film fell on Monday, October 31, and the film was shot in more than ten locations in Sarajevo until the end of the week.

"Jan" is a film about friendship and love, at a time and in life when impulses and changes are overwhelming and fear is the biggest problem. Running away from reality and the pressure of his father, eighteen-year-old Jan begins to examine his feelings for his best friend, taking care not to spoil the most valuable thing he has in life. And while for his best friend this is all another challenge from social media and just a game, which he soon realizes has gone too far, Jan begins to struggle with his real feelings and inner conflict and tries to keep his friend and avoid his father's reaction . The rejection of Jan by his most important person, who has an aggressive father, and mistreatment by society will force him to make the worst move.

The prepremiere of the film is scheduled for December 23, 2022. year, while the film will be available to the public only after the festival, in the fall of 2023.

Photo: Ervin Golubović, OFF Press.