Petak, 01.04.2022.

Directors Stevan Filipović and Ado Hasanović leading the main OFF Generation program

Directors Stevan Filipović and Ado Hasanović leading the main OFF Generation program

The celebrated Serbian director Stevan Filipović and the Bosnian director with an address in Italy, Ado Hasanović, became part of the OFF team.

Filipović and Hasanović take over the creative management and selection of the main programs of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival.

Serbian director Stevan Filipović will manage the program of the feature-length competition film OFF Generation Features and the segment of the revue OFF Screen and OFF Tribute to program.

In recent years, Filipović has been a regular guest of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival, he has been a member of the jury twice, and in 2017 he presented himself to the audience with his film "Beside Me".

Ado Hasanović is a promising film director from Bosnia and Herzegovina, who has lived and worked in Italy for many years. Hasanović was also a guest of OFF for many years, and with his film "Pink Elephant" in 2019, as part of the OFF Generation Shorts program, he won the award for the best film in the selection.

At OFF, Hasanović will take over the creative segment and the selection of the competition program of the short film OFF Shorts and OFF Generation Shorts.

Filipović and Hasanović are facing over 700 submitted films for this year's Festival, from which they will have to choose 15 feature films and 30 short films that will be included in the official selections of the Festival.

This year, the 14th edition of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival will be held from 19-23.7. at four festival locations, one of which is a new open-air cinema location with a capacity of 400 spectators.

Details of the Festival and the program will be gradually presented from May.