Subota, 22.07.2023.

‘I Have Electric Dreams’ is the Best feature film and ‘Tria’ won best short 2023

The 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival in Sarajevo has concluded with the award ceremony, marking the jubilee edition.

Subota, 22.07.2023.

Italian Actor Mattia Carrano Awarded for the Best New Appearance

The 15th Telemach Omladinski Film Festival Sarajevo has concluded with the award ceremony.

Subota, 22.07.2023.

15th OFF is closed: Best Festival Edition ever

The 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival concluded with a grand finale, featuring numerous guests walking down the Red Carpet and the awards ceremony.

Petak, 21.07.2023.

The young and celebrated Italian actor Mattia Carrano has arrived in Sarajevo, expressing his excitement to explore and get to know the city.

The 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival in Sarajevo is gradually approaching its conclusion. Tomorrow, visitors can expect numerous activities, film screenings, and two significant music events: a concert by the band Letu štuke and the OFF Buzz/After Party at the Closing Central Clubbing.

Petak, 21.07.2023.

Mattia Carrano, the Italian actor, has arrived in Sarajevo, and on Saturday, he will receive an award at the Festival

The young Italian actor Mattia Carrano has landed in Sarajevo and is visiting the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival.

Petak, 21.07.2023.

Italian actor Mattia Carrano is coming to Sarajevo today, and during the OFF Festival, there are 19 screenings planned.

The 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo is slowly approaching its conclusion. After a series of music events and dozens of film screenings, the Festival is gradually coming to an end. Tomorrow, at 9 PM, the award ceremony will take place, followed by a concert by the band Letu Štuke.

Četvrtak, 20.07.2023.

15. OFF: Sarajevo attracts many visitors, tonight screening of the movie "Grbavica."

Sarajevo is the regional center of cultural events for the third day already. The largest youth film festival in Southeast Europe – the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival brought to the main BiH. the city of many music and film stars from the region and Europe.

Četvrtak, 20.07.2023.

The second day of OFF brings fantastic films and conversations with actors.

On the second day of the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival in Sarajevo, visitors can expect films at three open-air cinemas, as well as OFF Talks, where they have the opportunity to engage in conversations with members of film crews.

Utorak, 18.07.2023.

The 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo is now open

Every day during the Festival, a series of accompanying programs will take place at the theater square, and it is certainly worth highlighting the OFF Talks programs. These programs feature conversations with special guests of the festival, authors, and protagonists of the films. OFF Talks will begin at 12:00.

Ponedjeljak, 17.07.2023.

Everything you need to know about the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo

The streets of Branilaca Sarajevo, from the junction with Čemaluša street to the junction with Radićeva, and Kulovića street from Obala Kulina Bana to Titova street will be completely closed from 18:45 to 00:00. Entrance for visitors to the square in front of the Theater is open from 20:20 and is completely free.

Petak, 14.07.2023.

Three days left until the 15th OFF, the city puts on festival clothes

Visitors will also be able to enjoy the unique Party Street event in Sime Milutinovića Street every night from 20-02.

Četvrtak, 06.07.2023.

15. OFF presented this year's program: 59 films at 6 locations, 3 concerts, Mattia Carrano is also coming

At today's press conference of the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, held at the Goethe Institute in Sarajevo, the complete program of the festival was presented, as well as all the details and guests who are waiting for us from July 18 to 22.

Četvrtak, 06.07.2023.

OFF Buzz 2023: Kiril Dzajkovski, Letu Stuke and Central Clubbing

The 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo announces a great music program as part of the Cockta OFF Buzz program. Kirill Dzhajkovsk, Letu pike and Central Clubbing are coming

Četvrtak, 06.07.2023.

Italian actor Mattia Carrano to receive Award at the 15th Telemach OFF for the Best New Apperance

The young, celebrated Italian actor Mattia Carrano will be one of the special guests of the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, and at the award ceremony he will be presented with the Festival's ring for Best new appearance.

Četvrtak, 22.06.2023.

OFF Retrospective 2023: "It's hard to be nice", "Grbavica" and "Our everyday story"

The 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo this year presents a new feature film review program - OFF Retrospective.

Četvrtak, 15.06.2023.

OFF Shorts 2023 brings 12 short films from 8 countries

The 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo today presented the last 10 titles from the competition program for 2023, these are 12 short films in the OFF Shorts selection

Nedjelja, 11.06.2023.

The summer stage and five films under the stars, Ilidža Open Air, are coming

During the five festival nights, as part of this year's Festival, on the Ilidža Summer Stage, five films from the OFF Generation Features and OFF Screen programs will be shown.

Srijeda, 07.06.2023.

Poli Open Air Gymnasium is coming, Mad about Poli, Mad about Film!

Starting this year, Poli and the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo are joining forces to bring an even better movie-watching experience to the outdoor cinema on the playground of Safvet-beg Bašagić Elementary School. In addition to supporting the organization of the open-air cinema in Gimnazijska, this year Poli is also organizing a Poli breakfast for all Festival guests, volunteers and participants, which will be held every day in the festival square, in front of the Youth Theatre.

Srijeda, 07.06.2023.

Two more titles confirmed for OFF Generation Features: "Next to you" by Stevan Filipović closes the Festival

Stevan Filipović's film will also close the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, and it is especially important that it is shown at this very moment, because it depicts the current struggle of the citizens of Serbia against the regime and all the problems and flaws of the system.

Nedjelja, 04.06.2023.

Best acting tandem 2023: Anita Ognjanović and Mihajlo Veruović

At this year's opening ceremony, the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, traditionally, special awards will be presented, and on the first night they will go to the young Serbian actress Anita Ognjanović and the popular musician and, more recently, actor, Mihal Veurović, better known as Voyage .

Četvrtak, 01.06.2023.

"Finchley Lane", by Marco De Rosso, starring Harun Ćehović, will open 15th OFF

Film by students and alumni of the Royal Academy of Art (RADA) — 'Finchley Lane', directed by Marco De Rosso, produced by Harun Cehovic, a young actor from Sarajevo and the only student from BiH ever at RADA, will open the 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo

Nedjelja, 14.05.2023.

OFF Generation Shorts: 20 films from 13 countries in the race for the best film

This year's OFF Generation Shorts program brings the largest number of participating countries and the largest number of films to date.

Ponedjeljak, 08.05.2023.

We pay tribute to love and togetherness, let's hug the future

Our designer Haris Niksic, with this year's visual, pays tribute to love, togetherness, the desire for a better tomorrow and says - as the poster itself says, "hug the future" because that's what we should strive for, if we want to live and be happy. And we have to!

Četvrtak, 04.05.2023.

The municipality of Novo Sarajevo continues to support OFF

Five feature films from the OFF Generation Features and OFF Retrospective programs will arrive at Vils Summer Screen on the 15th of OFF, and the Cockta OFF Music Stage is scheduled for the end of the Festival.

Srijeda, 26.04.2023.

OFF Generation Features: Six titles confirmed in race for best feature film

The titles in the feature film competition program come from this year's Berlinale, Oscar-nominated films and some of the best films produced this year and the previous year.

Utorak, 25.04.2023.

Telemach is new principal sponsor of Sarajevo Youth Film Festival

From July 18 to 22, Sarajevo will be the center of gathering of a large number of young directors, film professionals and debutantes from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the region and the whole of Europe. The reason for this is the upcoming 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival (OFF), which brings valuable experience for young filmmakers and pleasure for film lovers.

Četvrtak, 23.03.2023.

OFF Pro Industry Days:Open Calls for Work in progress and Script Hub

The maximum co-production fund for the best project is EUR 4,000.00. All interested young authors aged 16 to 28 from all over the world can apply. Application is opened from March 24th, until mid-May, 2023.

Petak, 10.03.2023.

Two Oscars-nominated films in the 15th OFF official program

The films "EO" and "Close", from this category, were confirmed as the first two titles in the category OFF Generation Features - competitive feature films, 15th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo.

Utorak, 20.12.2022.

Submit a film for the 15th Sarajevo Youth Film Festival

Film submissions for the 15th Sarajevo Youth Film Festival in all categories are open now and will last until May 6, 2023. This year's Festival takes place from July 18 to 22.

Subota, 26.11.2022.

OFF Pro: "Jan" brings a true story about love that is sabotaged by one's own insecurity and fear

In the production of CINEA Entertainment and OFF Pro, the shooting of a new short film by Kenan Musić, whose script he wrote based on real events that happened in Sarajevo three years ago, was completed in Sarajevo. At the root of the story are social networks, friendship and personal freedom.