Pored Tebe

Stevan Filipović

22.07.2023. 21:00
Vils Summer Screen



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Miriam Margolyes, Mina Nikolić


Next to You is a murder mystery, set during the Covid-19 pandemic, about the emancipation and transformation of a young journalist in her struggle to find morals and integrity in a world that grows increasingly populist. Ksenija (Mina Nikolić) works in a trashy local tabloid, using her secret source to break juicy stories about local celebrities. But, as soon as her source first reveals himself as a person from her past, and is killed on the same day, her life and her career take an unexpected turn. Her tabloid is becoming more and more political, she is pressured to write positive articles about the government, Covid pandemic is wreaking havoc all around her, and the only person in her life who was her anchor and her family - her English Grandmother Vera (Miriam Margolyes) - tests positive for the virus. Now, Ksenija must choose between her increasingly political investigation, and the connections she needs to save her Grandmother's life.


Mladoj tabloidnoj novinarki Kseniji se život menja iz korena kada počne da istražuje smrt svog doušnika i druga iz gimnazije, Matije. Bivši prijatelji iz razreda odjednom postaju - osumnjičeni.