Omladinski Film Festival

Who is coming

The Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo is a gathering place for young filmmakers from the region and Europe, but also a festival that places Sarajevo at the center of film events during its duration. Every year, the Festival hosts dozens of young authors, producers, actresses and actors, as well as teen acting stars and sensations, as well as big notable names from the world of industry. Our guests are participants in many programs, and in addition to the red carpet, you can see them at screenings, get-togethers and festival parties.

Dasha Timbur (Producer)

Zachary Shadrin (Actor)

Denis Muric (Actor)

Kosta Đorđević (Director)

Morana Ikić Komljenović (Producer)

Amila Terzmehić (Actress)

Matteo Pianezzi (Producer)

Niccolò Gentili (Director)

Faruk Lončarević (Director)

Ozana Ramljak (Writer)

Zahra Benasri (Distributor)

Zdenka Gold (Producer)

Alain Parroni (Director)

Emiliano Corapi (Director)

Jure Pavlović (Director)

Anthony Schatteman (Director)

Christian Avilés (Director)

Marius De Saeger (Actor)

Mohammed Almughanni (Director)

Lou Goossens (Actor)

Gaetan Trigot (Producer)

Lazar Dragojević (Actor)

Laurent Crouzeix (Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival)