The 16th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo presented the main festival competition selection OFF Shorts, which this year brings a record number of selected films – 26.

The director of the short film program, Ado Hasanović, points out that among the hundreds of reviewed and submitted films in the selection period, there were dozens of inspiring themes, films that deserve to breathe life into the festival, and that it was more difficult than ever to select the films that will be shown as part of OFF this year. Shorts. The selection will definitely be marked by various film expressions, strong film figures, diversity in themes and techniques.

This year’s selection will be marked by a large number of world and regional premieres.

It is special that for the first time 2 prizes will be awarded as part of the OFF Shorts selection. Shorts 1 and OFF Shorts 2 are two sub-selections of OFF Shorts, which classify films according to the realized film budgets in order to enable a just and fair decision for the awards, given that the Festival’s program committee considered that the films, although together, belong to this selection, due to financial differences or production possibilities must have a different approach to evaluation.

The films selected for OFF Shorts 2024 are:



Rezija: Lukas Ignaz Halder

Trajanje: 10′

Drzava: Austria


Just Like You

Rezija: Neda Zivanovic

Trajanje: 13′

Drzava: Serbia



Rezija: Elena Vatamanu-Mărgineanu

Trajanje: 15′

Drzava: Poland/Moldova



Rezija: Andor Berényi

Trajanje: 11′

Drzava: Hungary/Czechia


Let Them Talk

Rezija: Karlo Gagulić

Trajanje: 17′

Drzava: Croatia


Balkan, Baby

Rezija: Boris Gavrilović

Trajanje: 19′

Drzava: Germany


O Pomar

Rezija: Ana Manana/Joana Lourenço

Trajanje: 13′

Drzava: Portugal


Keep It Quiet

Rezija: Sara Horvatić

Trajanje: 18′

Drzava: Croatia


Sweet Tooth

Rezija: Willy Fermelin

Trajanje: 13′

Drzava: Sweden


Ocean Without a Floor

Rezija: Amna Hadžić

Trajanje: 10′

Drzava: USA


Catching Birds

Rezija: Lea Marie Lembke/Simon Maria Kubiena

Trajanje: 19′

Drzava: Germany


Things Unheard Of

Rezija: Ramazan Kilic

Trajanje: 16′

Drzava: Turkey


In Health and in Sickness

Rezija: Devina Vassileva

Trajanje: 6′

Drzava: Bulgaria



Rezija: Daniel Path

Trajanje: 7′

Drzava: Czechia


Basri & Salma in a Never-Ending Comedy

Rezija: Khozy Rizal

Trajanje: 15′

Drzava: Indonesia


Eat Me

Rezija: Mima Miljković

Trajanje: 15′

Drzava: Serbia


Sea Salt

Rezija: Leila Basma

Trajanje: 18′

Drzava: Czechia



Rezija: Stefan Tomić

Trajanje: 16′

Drzava: Bosnia and Herzegovina


The Best Time of Your Life

Rezija: Danae Grannetia

Trajanje: 18′

Drzava: Netherlands


Beyond The Hill

Rezija: Hristijan Krstevski

Trajanje: 13′

Drzava: North Macedonia


Dom Juan

Rezija: Hekuran Isufi

Trajanje: 15′

Drzava: France


Dreaming of Venice

Rezija: Elisabetta Giannini

Trajanje: 16′

Drzava: Italy


In Spirito

Rezija: Nicolò Folin

Trajanje: 15′

Drzava: Italy


The Deer’s Tooth

Rezija: Saif Hammash

Trajanje: 16′

Drzava: Palestine


Sports Day

Rezija: August Adrian Braatz

Trajanje: 23′

Drzava: Slovenia