This year’s OFF Retrospective program of Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo brings three films, two of which are from Bosnia and Herzegovina and one from Slovenia.

The films that will be shown in the program are “Ljeto u zlatnoj dolini”, directed by Srđan Vuletić, “Gori Vatra” directed by Pjero Žalica and the film “Ne zaboravi disati” directed by Martin Turk.

“Ljeto u zlatnoj dolini” is a 2003 Bosnian-French-British feature film directed by Srđan Vuletić and produced by Ademir Kenović. The music for the film was composed by Edo Maajka. The film is about a sixteen-year-old boy who has to repay a debt, since his father died. Trying to collect money, he and his friend are drawn into Sarajevo’s criminal network.

Gori Vatra is a Bosnian-Herzegovinian drama filmed in 2003 and directed by Pjero Žalica. This was his first feature film for which he also wrote the screenplay. The action takes place during the late 1990s in the post-war Bosnian town of Tešnje. Residents of the city are busy preparing for the upcoming visit of US President Bill Clinton. The city is awash in corruption due to the war years, but they work together on the reception for more than a few days and pretend everything looks fine on the outside. In 2003, the film was a Bosnian candidate in the category for the best foreign film at the 76th Academy Awards, but was not shortlisted. At the Sarajevo Film Festival, it won the award in the best film category.

“Ne zaboravi disati” is a Slovenian film directed by Martin Turk. The film is about fifteen-year-old Klemen, who lives in a rural town with his mother and older brother Peter, with whom he spends every day hanging out on the tennis court or by the nearby river. However, the brotherly routine is interrupted by Peter’s sudden and passionate relationship with the beautiful Sonja, which causes a whirlwind of conflicting emotions in Klemen. The roles in the film were played by: Matija Valant, Tine Ugrin, Klara Kuk, , Iva Krajnc Bagola, Nikola Đuričko, Ronja Matijevec Jerman, Jakob Cilenšek, Miha Rodman.

The schedule of screenings of this year’s 16th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo will be announced by the end of June. This year’s Festival will present the biggest program so far with new locations.

All information about the program and tickets are available at and in the Films section.