The aim of OFF’s industrial program is to empower new filmmakers, especially those with debut or new projects, by offering them various benefits through the Festival’s educational and development programs and to participate in the mass production of short films. The focus is on the countries of Southeast Europe and projects that include a large number of regional co-producers.

As part of the OFF Pro Industry Days, every year the festival also presents the most important program – OFF Co-pro – a unique co-production market, intended for projects in development. OFF Co-pro is also the largest co-production market for short films in the region, the only such in Bosnia and Herzegovina and one of the largest in Europe, with a fund of over EUR 10,000.00 – in cash and in film services in all stages of production.

In the past year, Telemach OFF participated in the production of two films through the co-production market – the film "Fish", by Sara Ristić, "I will never forget", by Karl Gagulić and Mirela Salihović, and the start of filming of the third film, which will be done in co-production with S Macedonia. The films will be shown as part of the 16th Telemach OFF in the OFF Pro Alumni Screenings program.

In 2024, prize funds and funds for co-production will increase, which will further position Sarajevo and Telemach OFF as an important and indispensable segment in short film production, which is not in the clear focus of even some of the larger and leading film festivals. .

A novelty in the OFF Pro Industry Days program from 2024 is the OFF Pro Market, which will present more than 12 exhibitors from 8 countries, respectable distributors, production houses, film schools, who will also be available to young authors and professionals to develop further collaborations and co-productions . In addition to these two segments of the OFF Pro Industry Days, a number of industry screenings, Distributrion talks, several workshops, masterclass programs and one edition of the OFF Mastermind program are also scheduled.

The competition for projects under development for the OFF Co-pro market has been open since January 25 and will last until the beginning of May. As part of the pitching session on July 24, 12 projects will be presented that will fight for co-production funds and non-cash support for the realization of films. Applications are sent via the service portal of OFF,  application are available here.