An acting workshop on The Chubbuck Technique led by Adam Davenport will be held in Sarajevo on July 22nd 2024. The technique by renowned acting teacher Ivana Chubbuck has been used by some of the biggest names in film, including Jim Carrey, Halle Berry, Brad Pitt and Charlize Theron.  Based on the international bestseller The Power of The Actor, The Chubbuck Technique helps actors create characters out of their personal needs and life experiences, making it easier for actors to connect with their characters on a deeper level. For example, the experience of pain leads us to take proactive actions to overcome it. With this technique, actors use their personal pain, insecurities, traumas, and fears to pursue the goal of the character they are playing, thus making the character more believable and relatable to the audience.

Acting Workshop will be held within OFF Pro Film Market in CKM – Jelićeva. All actors from Balkan region are welcome to apply free of charge.

Raised in Harvey, Illinois, Adam Davenport is a graduate from Yale University with a degree in film studies. He wrote, directed, produced and edited the short film Midnight Son, starring Academy Award winner Melissa Leo and Emmy nominee David Harbour (Stranger Things). With Leo, he co-produced Furlough, also starring Whoopi Goldberg, Anna Paquin, Tessa Thompson and Edgar Ramirez. In 2022, he co-starred in the film Glass Onion – Knives Out, starring Daniel Craig, Edward Norton, Kate Hudson and Dave Bautista, with whom he shared the Satellite Award and Critics Choice Award for Best Ensemble Performance. The actor will star in the new movie The Heroes of Halyard. In New York, he became the first African-American producer to top Billboard’s EDM charts and appeared on HBO’s High Maintenance. He moved to Belgrade and founded The International Acting Studio, where he introduced The Chubbuck Technique to students in Serbia and Hungary. For more information, email