21 - 24 JUL 2021

About Festival - EN

The Sarajevo Youth Film Festival (Omladinski Film Festival Sarajevo) is held in September and showcases an extensive variety of feature, animated and short films from around the world. The main focus of the festival is on promoting young film directors and producers, student films and youth-themed films.  It is the premium student film festival in the Balkans.

The festival was established by film professionals from Bosnia and Herzegovina with the goal of giving younger filmmakers from the Former Yugoslavia a wider platform to promote their work. It was quickly internationalized even further, bringing in authors from all of Europe, North America and Asia. The first edition of the festival was organized from 9 to 13 September 2008. The festival is held in numerous venues with the main stage being the House of Military in downtown Sarajevo.  Most of the venues are open-air. On average 30 authors from 11 different countries are programmed per edition, with over 20,000 visitors each year. The average age of festival employees is 22, while the management is headed by Kenan Musić. The main feature film competition program is called Made for Open Air. 

MAIN PROGRAM: Short meter, short feature film 

Main program is the selection of a short feature film. Within this selection are young film professionals with their short films created in their own production or production of their film schools. The Short Meter Selection at the 10th edition of Youth Film Festival Sarajevo will present a 15 shorts.

COMPETITION PROGRAM: Creative, art and experimental film

One of the competition selections of the festival is the selection of a short experimental, art and creative film. This selection in 2018 wil presents 5 films.


"OFF Generation" is the old program of the Festival but with a new name. As in previous years, this program will present 5 films that are designed for the young generation of 15-26 years old and directed by former or recent film academy students.


One of the goals of the Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, from the outset, was to create unique cinema locations and special atmosphere during sreenings at open-air cinemas. For this reason, OFF continues with projections of 5 family, feature films that will be screened as part of the Open Cinema at Žuto tabija and OA within Festival Centre. This selection presents 5 feaure movies.