Visual 2023

Our designer Haris Niksic, with this year's visual, pays tribute to love, togetherness, the desire for a better tomorrow and says - as the poster itself says, "hug the future" because that's what we should strive for, if we want to live and be happy. And we have to!

The youth are an essential component of any society, and their role in shaping the future cannot be overstated. As the world moves towards greater globalization and interconnectivity, it is imperative that we embrace the relevance of facts and work together towards a common goal.  One of the most critical issues facing our world today is the protection of human rights. It is the responsibility of every individual, regardless of age, to uphold and defend the basic rights of all human beings. 

Young people have a unique perspective and energy that can be harnessed to create positive change in this area.  Another pressing issue that requires urgent attention is the need to stop wars and conflict. The youth can play an important role in promoting peace and reconciliation. They can use their creativity, social media skills, and passion to raise awareness about the devastating impact of war and to encourage dialogue and understanding.