OFF Shorts

The main program of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival is a selection of short feature films. As part of this selection, young film professionals are presented with their short films made in their own production or the production of their film schools. On average, the Festival presents 30 short feature films a year. This program of the Festival is completely dedicated to the promotion of new film professionals and makes its platform available to authors who are at the beginning of their careers.

OFF Generation Shorts

OFF Generation Shorts is the competition program of the Festival, which presents authors, young professionals, former students of film academies who are a maximum of 36 years old. Another emphasis that the program places special emphasis on is that the films are thematically relevant, socially engaged, unique in film expression, provocative and attractive. As in previous years, this program will present 10 films that are thematically intended for generations and the characters of people eager for change, society and an environment where the voice of one current generation must be taken seriously.

OFF Generation Features

OFF Genration Shorts is the new name for the feature film competition program. This is a program that focuses on topics important to society, youth issues. Secondarily, this program works to educate the audience on how to critically watch a film. The OFF Generation Features program in 2022 brings 5 ​​feature films from 2 continents. Movies are shown in OFF open theaters.

OFF Retrospective

OFF Retrospective is the film program of the Sarajevo Youth Film Festival. In this program, the Festival shows digitally restored film classics and older domestic and foreign films that are re-premiering. Retrospective is the official revue program of the Festival from 2023.

OFF: In Focus

The "In Focus" program is a program of feature and short special films that deals exclusively with topics that are current in the cultural, political and social world. The films shown in the program In Focus are films that leave an indelible mark and bravely deal with the current problem, calling for immediate solutions. This program is also a kind of support to vulnerable groups in society, dealing with the problems that affect them the most at a given moment. The OFF: In Focus program offers concrete help and a solution to a given problem. In 2022, the Festival presents OFF: In Focus Ukraine. Details of the action in this program will be published in June 2022.

OFF Screen

OFF Screen is the program of the Festival's feature-length special film. Unlike OFF Generation Features, OFF Screen is not looking for new productions and competition films, but for those themes and films that, even in countless broadcasts or even in their first broadcast, find their way to viewers and affect thoughts and feelings instantly. OFF Screen brings five revival films each year. Sometimes these films are thematically the same, while sometimes they are completely different. OFF Screen educate the audience on how to view the film critically, and how to deal with the author's thoughts as a means of their own knowledge of the themes that permeate the films. Film is a strong media tool and a means of lobbying, and that is why OFF Screen brings films whose duration began a long time ago, but we believe that it should not be finished yet.