Monday, 05.02.2024.

Hans Bagashov appointed head of OFF Pro Industry program

Hans Bagashov appointed head of OFF Pro Industry program

In 2018, Hanis won the prize for the best short film of the Festival at the Sarajevo Omaldine Film Festival with his film "Miško".

The new Head of the industry department of Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo is Hanis Begashov, a young talented producer and director from North Macedonia.

Hanis takes over OFF Pro Industry in a year when the festival announced its biggest expansion.

Hanis Bagashov is a director and producer from North Macedonia. He is an alumnus of Berlinale Talents (2020 and 2022), Sarajevo Talents (2018), European Short Pitch, and a member of DAE - Documentary Association of Europe.

As an actor, he appeared in the feature films "When the Day Had No Name" (Berlinale 2017) and "Sisterhood" (available on the Netflix platform).

His photographic work is displayed in the Museum of Contemporary Art - Skopje. He is the founder of the production company Hithra Films.

Hanis Begashov, as the head of the Festival's industry department, will also select projects under development and bring completely new energy to the entire market. He pays special attention to the first edition of the OFF Pro Market, which this year will host some of the biggest film schools, production and distribution companies.