Tuesday, 07.05.2024.

The Wolf Changes Its Coat, Not His Nature: OFF16, 19-26 July, 2024

This year's creative solution with a message, in various versions, will be visible throughout the City of Sarajevo already at the beginning of July, when Sarajevo will slowly begin to put on its festival OFF clothes.

Saturday, 02.03.2024.

Telemach OFF presented the Festival's Anti-Discrimination Policy

Telemach OFF believes in the importance of a globally connected film and media community that advocates for a diverse, inclusive, equal and fair film industry based on the values of art, cinema, mutual respect, freedom of speech and progressiveness.

Sunday, 25.02.2024.

OFF Youth Experience - a new program for young people aged 15-20 - all costs covered

Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo presented a new film and youth initiative, intended for young film lovers between the ages of fifteen and twenty.

Monday, 05.02.2024.

Hans Bagashov appointed head of OFF Pro Industry program

In 2018, Hanis won the prize for the best short film of the Festival at the Sarajevo Omaldine Film Festival with his film "Miško".

Wednesday, 24.01.2024.

OFF Pro Industry Days 2024: 10.000 EUR for short film co-production

OFF Pro Industry Days is a program intended for the film industry and lasts four days as part of each edition of the Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo. It consists of a number of programs intended exclusively for the industry, and some programs are also available to the public.

Thursday, 02.11.2023.

The film JAN, produced by OFF Pro, is coming to HBO Max from March 2024

Critics, the media and the audience called the film "Jan" "an important step forward in BiH and regional cinematography" and "a brave move by a young film crew". After the screening of the film in Skopje, the director and actors of the film talked with the audience for two and a half hours, and the interest of the audience that has not seen the film is still great today.

Sunday, 22.10.2023.

We need peace and to prevent innocents from suffering!

We are shaken and disturbed by the events in the Middle East and the suffering of the innocent in Gaza, and revolted by the silent observation of those who have the power to change the narrative and the course of all events. We cannot and do not want to remain silent, as artists who have to be a voice for those who do not have one.

Friday, 13.10.2023.

16th Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo, July, 19-26, 2024

Telemach Youth Film Festival Sarajevo held presentation of the Festival at Vern University Zagreb today, and presented the date of the festival in 2024 was officially presented.

Friday, 06.10.2023.

OFF at Giffoni Macedonia: New festival network and young authors in focus

As part of this year's Giffoni Film Festival, there will also be a presentation of the 16th Telemach Youth Film Festival and all programs that OFF provides for young authors through the competition program, practice and co-production market. The presentation will be held by the program and creative producer of the Festival, Mirza Čustović.

Wednesday, 30.08.2023.

Students from the Netherlands and Bosnia and Herzegovina in OFF internship program

OFF is, in addition to a recognizable film and co-production platform, in the last two years also a platform for the education and training of new generations of festival workers, and as such has become a favorite location and project for the practice of students from all over Europe.